Goossens A Maison d’art

It is rare for a House to have both a jewellery studio and a decoration atelier under the same roof. But this is the story Goossens has been telling since the 1950s. An exceptional goldsmith and iconic fashion parurier, Goossens imagines jewellery for the body and for the home, all of which come to life thanks to the expert hands of our artisans. Every Goossens jewel and object evokes a certain emotion, character and magic. Goossens creations are the fruit of unique techniques that we are proud to preserve in our ateliers at le19M. Our artisans and apprentice model-makers, foundrymen, electroplaters and fitters work long hours to transform a creative concept into an item of jewellery or decoration. Since March 2021, the House of Goossens has been working from le19M site, a testament to the excellence of these Métiers d’art of the future.

Portrait of Robert Goossens, founder of Maison Goossens.

A brief history

Robert Goossens, the brilliant craftsman and son of the owner of a foundry in the Marais neighbourhood, opened a small goldsmith's workshop in the 1950s. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a taste for challenge, he was always ready to push technical boundaries. He interpreted and handled jewellery with daring and character. Indeed, it was these qualities and this visionary spirit that Gabrielle Chanel sought out. Together, the goldsmith and the fashion pioneer invented jewellery in antique and Byzantine styles, joyfully blurring the lines.

Our workshop located at le 19M in Paris, a place that brings together Chanel’s Métier d’art.

A savoir faire serving fashion and decoration

Robert Goossens quickly became the preferred goldsmith of fashion designers, including Gabrielle Chanel. The historical complicity between these various encounters led to a couture spirit and an all-consuming desire to upend the established paradigms of creation. Goossens continues to put its savoir-faire and curiosity at the service of numerous fashion houses, young designers and architects.

Goldsmith and decorator

Goossens has traversed the frontiers of jewellery to extend its expertise into the world of decoration. By entering this new domain, Goossens demonstrates its ability to move from the scale of jewellery to that of furniture and objets d'art. Magic mirrors, poetic lamps and decorative objects such as the trio of lions are among the House's emblematic creations. The Goossens adventure is today led by antique dealer, gallery owner and designer Philippe Rapin, who acts as artistic advisor for both the ateliers and the gallery on rue Cambon.