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Goossens bracelets can be merrily accumulated or, on the contrary, reign alone on the wrist. The elegance of Goossens manifests as chain bracelets, buckle bracelets and cuff bracelets. The hands of Goossens artisans draw spontaneous lines and constellate our arms with precious details, including cabochon bracelets, medallion bracelets and Lutèce bracelets. Women's bracelets stand out delightfully on the wrist, while men's bracelets, a must-have at Goossens, come as bangles or chain links. Offer Goossens bracelets as a duo and in a range of colours to vary the pleasure. Without losing any of its magic, the Boucle bracelet is adorned with burnished enamel and rock crystal in its Boucle Cocktail version.