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In 1953 Robert Goossens meets Gabrielle Chanel, who will encourage him to create his first decorative objects: a trio of lions in gilded bronze holding a rock crystal globe, followed by a Water lily pedestal table and a table with a Wheatsheaf as its base, these have become some of the emblematic creations by Goossens. By entering the world of decorative arts, Goossens demonstrated his ability to move from the relatively small scale of jewellery to that of furniture and objet d’art all while using the same materials (metal gilded with gold and rock crystals) as well as the same tools and techniques.

Goossens Gallery

Inaugurated in September 2020, the GALERIE GOOSSENS is the first space to be entirely dedicated to the decorative arts creations made by the eponymous house. Located at 20 rue Cambon, not far from its jewellery shop, the GALERIE GOOSSENS is both boutique and showroom, welcoming individual clients and professionals.

Philippe RAPIN, The expert of Robert Goossens and artistic advisor of Goossens Paris

Specialist in Decorative Arts and collector of Robert Goossens historical pieces, Philippe Rapin is a multi-talented enthusiast. Antique dealer, gallery owner and also designer, he founded MAISON RAPIN in 1978, now located at 7 Quai Conti in Paris. His eclectic taste for the major artists of the 20th century led him to meet Robert Goossens twenty years ago.

"We had a common friend and I dreamed of knowing him. The meeting took place in his workshop, he directed the gestures of an apprentice with a requirement and a kindness that fascinated me. I discovered in him rare qualities, those of a secret artist capable of discretion and yet associated with the success of the greatest Luxury Houses. I admired his talent and his perfect eye. During our weekly lunches, Robert told me with passion his inspirations, his meetings and his stories, testimonies of this second part of the 20th century so prolific. We were both from classical training and discussed for hours on the technicality of the great masters of past centuries, and in particular on the artistic creations of 1850 to 1950, those which inspired him to create his own universe." Philippe RAPIN

From this time spent going back in time in his company, Philippe Rapin was able to extract the quintessence to become the expert of the Goossens signature and, at the request of Robert Goossens, his dealer: ”I was delighted ! I would never have dared to ask him !” says Philippe Rapin who, today, presents the historical pieces in his gallery and at major international antiques fairs. It is therefore quite natural that the house of Goossens Paris called on Philippe Rapin as an artistic advisor for the ateliers and the Goossens Gallery located rue Cambon. Their common goal : to promote Robert Goossens legacy.

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Many interior decorators and architects are established GOOSSENS clients for the creation of bespoke pieces – like Peter Marino for the CHANEL boutiques. If you also wish to have chandeliers and other lamp and furniture creations made on request, contact us: contact@goossens-paris.fr +33(0)1 42 86 84 88

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