Stones lexical

Freshwater pearls

Once considered to be the tears of the gods, these pearls are formed thanks to the mother-of-pearl present in certain shells.

Rock crystal

The most widespread type of crystal, rock crystal is colourless and transparent. It takes its name from the Greek word ‘krustallos’ meaning ice, because the ancient Greeks believed it was ice created by the gods.


Held in high esteem thanks to its intense colour, varying from sky blue to green, turquoise has an exceptional thousand-year old tradition and can be used for both ornamental and cosmetic purposes.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz comes in shades of pale pink and peach. This rare crystal with its soft glow was associated with the goddesses of love and beauty in ancient civilisations.

Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is quite unique thanks to its astonishing colour and its misty translucency. The perfect alliance between light and material, this stone is known for its soothing qualities.


Garnet, from the latin granum meaning “has many seeds”, gave its name to the fruit and then the stone, with its colour resembling that of the pomegranate. This stone help fighting against tiredness and apathy.